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Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year

Happy New Year !

Another Year go's bye-bye. 

I hope this New Year will be better Personally and Projectly if that's even a word.

This Year I want to do many things in Knitting 

see how far I go with socks need to take a step up do more designs that are out there.
this is turning to be a great year so far make about 7 to 10 pairs for this year .
you think knitting 7 to 10 pair I can do I better hurry get busy, lol


Shawls yes this is something i want to get more into . but so much time and concentration that i don't have , thanks to my little girls however i am going to try make the small shawls 

Last but not least My Stash make it bigger with different yarn.
Last year i had to think about $ this year i don't want to think about where my $ go's

I want to make a sweater or 2  wanna start small on this too

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