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Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year

For this year , want to do step out of my box and make Shawls, crazy Socks like all knitter we want to do all the stuff that's out there I'm not different. Currently making Another pair of socks.
The webpage is Sliver Sock CLass


Lace...... Dying for a lace wrap but can't have no time to make one right now or it could be that my fears are that I will lose my place , I recently heard of a lifeline but then I thought of blocking the darn thing would look nice so I started small... here it is......A scarf , that's a good small step wouldn't you say? This is where I got the pattern or check Ravelry.


New Year

Happy New Year !

Another Year go's bye-bye. 

I hope this New Year will be better Personally and Projectly if that's even a word.

This Year I want to do many things in Knitting 

see how far I go with socks need to take a step up do more designs that are out there.
this is turning to be a great year so far make about 7 to 10 pairs for this year .
you think knitting 7 to 10 pair I can do I better hurry get busy, lol


Shawls yes this is something i want to get more into . but so much time and concentration that i don't have , thanks to my little girls however i am going to try make the small shawls 

Last but not least My Stash make it bigger with different yarn.
Last year i had to think about $ this year i don't want to think about where my $ go's

I want to make a sweater or 2  wanna start small on this too